Lucrative DVD Affiliate Program

Can you think of an easier way to sell than displaying a banner ad or text link on your website. Whether you sell your products to friends, businesses, or offer them through a local retail store, you can turn your website into a selling machine which can reap you super profits.

" What's in it for me ? "

  • "On each sale , you make 10%"
  • "It only takes a few hours a week, or a month."
  • "We'll help you every way we can, you're not alone out there."
  • "365 Return Days lets you earn commission on customers who do not buy something on their first visit and return within 1 year to complete the sale."
  • "Theres' no quota, no pressure. Promote as much as you want when you want. Tell us how much money you want to make and we'll help you get there."

Bonus 2nd Tier Commission


Earn an additional 5.0% of the total commission amount when you recruit affiliates.

For example. You recruit an affiliate to join our program. Your recruit (affiliate) then creates a sale. Let's say the total commission amount is $65.00 (10% of the total order amount) you earn then an additional $3.25.

  • Total order amount: $650.00
  • Total recruit (affiliate) commission amount: $65.00 (10%)
  • Total 2nd Tier commission amount: $3.25 (5%)

How it works ?

1). You join our affiliate program.
2). You refer your friends, family, or your existing customers.

  -- Customer Referral > Sale = 10% each
 |           |
 |           |
 |            --- Sale = 10% each
  -- Affiliate Recruit > Sale > Commission
              |                     |
              |                     |
              |                     |
              |                      --  5% each
               -- Sale > Commission
                             --  5% each

3). You get paid.


  • We put you right into business - making you a vital part of a multi-billion dollar industry. Sales of DVDs keep soaring every month.
  • Whether you have only a few spare hours a month, or you can devote FULLTIME efforts to your program, you can make fast, big profits. The demand is here NOW!
  • One big advantage of our affiliate program is the freedom to do as much or as little as you want. $100-$200 a month in spare-time profits, or a super affiliate with benefits - the choice is yours!
  • Operate from anywhere - big website or personal page. By joining our affiliate program you minimize expense. Promote your program on all of your websites to multiply profits!

Let's Go Join Today !

In almost no time you can get your program going and growing! has teamed up with to offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible.

Let's Go Join !

If you have any questions about our Wholesale DVD Affiliate program please email :

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